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40 Foundation Exercises Video Download


This is a collection of selected Laughter Yoga exercises from the vast repertoire of Dr. Kataria’s years of experience and understanding of the concept. It is an effective blend of yogic, playful and value based exercises which will keep your exercise routine full of dynamism and energy.

One On One Laughter Coaching – Video Download


About One On One Coaching

One On One Laughter Yoga coaching is ideally suited for anyone who wants to add more laughter and joy to their life, for people facing enormous stress and depression, for introvert and shy, for older people who have forgotten to laugh, physically challenged and bedridden and for those with chronic diseases.

Difference between LY Coaching & Teaching

While teaching is imparting knowledge and skills; LY coaching is a commitment and partnership between the coach and the student where the coach helps, motivates and inspires his student to implement these knowledge and skills in a personalized environment.

Laughter Yoga Alone – Understanding Concept + Practice Session


Developed by Dr. Kataria, these new techniques are very beneficial for those who do not have an easy access to Laughter Clubs. Especially in the West where laughter clubs meet just once a week, this is an innovative way of practicing laughter exercises and reaping the same health benefits as from the clubs.

This DVD comprises the concept of Laughter Yoga Alone and a practice session of laughter and breathing exercises to help people do Laughter Yoga all by themselves.

Laughter Yoga – Concept and Step by Step Session (2 DVD Pack)


This is the FIRST time we have come up with a DVD in which Dr. Kataria gives an in depth explanation about the history, concept and philosophy of Laughter Yoga and how it has changed his life and lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

In the second DVD you will watch a RUN THROUGH Laughter Yoga session along with Laughter Meditation as it happens around the world.

Three Most Popular Fun Games DVD Download from Laughter Clubs


These fun games are designed to cultivate childlike playfulness among grownups. Normally adults do not play, but thanks to Laughter Yoga Clubs people are becoming more open to playing and having fun. This DVD presents 3 increasingly popular games viz. Pizza Pasta, In The Bedroom and Whiff Piff. Easy to play, they make people laugh and are excellent ice breakers for trainings and workshops.

Laughter Yoga in Business Video Download


Laughter Yoga is all set to enter the corporate world in a big way. This DVD deals with different avenues where Laughter Yoga professionals can find business opportunities in areas like companies and corporations, Yoga studios and fitness centers, Senior (old age) homes, with cancer, self-help groups, mentally and physically challenged, professional speakers and HR trainings, hospitals, personal development and others.

It also addresses the issues faced by the business community like Stress Management, Team Building, Peak Performance, Work Life Balance, Emotional Intelligence, Communication Skills and better health.  It also provides guidelines on different kinds of programs for the business world, and how to make your presentations more effective and convincing.

Laughter Bank Volume 1 Video Download


Laughter Bank is a collection of 30 more laughter exercises in addition to 40 Foundation Exercises. These have been collected from several Laughter Clubs around the world by Dr. Kataria during his travels.

This is the first set of exercises to make your Laughter Yoga session lively and energetic as doing the same exercises over and over again tend to become boring and monotonous. It is a great resource that gives new insights and also helps create innovative exercises.