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40 Foundation Exercises DVD

Laughter Bank Vol.1 (DVD)

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40 Foundation Exercises Video Download

This is a collection of selected Laughter Yoga exercises from Dr. Kataria’s years of experience and understanding of the concept. It is an effective blend of yogic, playful and value based exercises which will keep your exercise routine full of dynamism and energy. It is a great resource for Laughter Yoga teachers who wish to train laughter leaders and also for those interested in learning more about Laughter Yoga sessions and want to practice laughter exercises for complete physical and psychological wellness.

Dr. Kataria’s powerful description of each exercise coupled with captivating visuals from different laughter clubs round the world makes this DVD a must for laughter professionals who can also use it as a great ‘give away’ for leaders and laughter members.

Combining laughter with yogic breathing, these exercises are a foundation of well being, happiness and joy.

Laughter Bank Vol.1 Video Download

Laughter Bank is a collection of 30 more laughter exercises in addition to 40 Foundation Exercises. These have been collected from several Laughter Clubs around the world by during Dr. Kataria during his travels.

This is the first set of exercises to make your Laughter Yoga session lively and energetic as doing the same exercises over and over again tend to become boring and monotonous. It is a great resource that gives new insights and also helps create innovative exercises.

Laughter Bank Vol.2 Video Download

In addition to 40 Foundation Exercises and Laughter Bank Vol. 1 this is another set of 30 Laughter exercises to add value to your Laughter session.



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